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Expert School Improvement Services

All public schools, especially those categorized as low-performing, are obligated to prioritize continuous improvement.

Through strategic partnerships with K–12 organizations, Blocker Education aims to strengthen the leadership skills of school administrators, enabling them to empower teachers and drive positive change within schools.

  • State education agencies
  • Regional educational service centers
  • School districts
  • Charter schools 

Our school improvement support offers administrators the opportunity to effectively implement campus transformation, leading to substantial positive changes within their schools.

Our Approach

Framework for Continuous School Improvement

Our framework for continuous improvement illustrates the guidance offered to guide schools toward achieving campus goals.

comprehensive support

Principal and Team Support

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping principals and building leadership teams excel in their roles by providing personalized guidance and support.

By leveraging our expertise, education leaders can develop the skills and strategies necessary to drive positive change.

School-Based Needs Assessment

Our analysis is based on a thorough examination of local data, which allows us to provide accurate and actionable recommendations.

Campus Improvement Plans

With our guidance, your team will be able to create a roadmap that outlines specific objectives and the steps needed to accomplish them.

Leadership Development & Coaching

Our team of experts provides personalized coaching to help leaders develop the skills and strategies needed to lead their teams effectively.

Progress Monitoring and Feedback

Our feedback system is designed to be helpful and constructive, guiding you towards success.

K-12 Partner spotlight

Continuous Improvement Partner

Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Blocker Education is honored to work alongside the Office of System and School Improvement and various K-12 agencies in Washington state to assist in enhancing schools for building and district leaders.

Our school improvement support is designed to assist administrators in implementing campus transformation.

Trust in our team to provide the necessary tools and resources for principals and leadership teams to thrive in their roles and make a lasting impact on their schools.

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