Texas School Board Member Training

Continuing Education for Texas School Board Members

Blocker Education is an authorized and registered provider of school board member training by the Texas Education Agency under the Texas Education Code (TEC) §61.1.

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Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes

The training on evaluating student academic achievement is designed to equip board members with insight into evidence-based approaches to enhance the board’s oversight function, according to TEC, §11.1515.

This online course emphasizes school board behaviors that correlate to the positive impact on student outcomes. Lessons in the course shall include:

  • Setting specific, quantifiable student outcomes goals.
  • Adopting plans to improve early literacy and numeracy and college, career, and military readiness for applicable student groups evaluated in the Closing the Gaps domain.
  • Progress monitoring practices to improve student outcomes.
  • State accountability Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills and state assessment instrument.
Building Capacity for Effective School Governance Leadership

To build capacity for school board members around effective school governance practices, Blocker Education has designed this series of high-quality and convenient professional learning.

There are five modules incorporated into this interactive online course. Each module draws on research-informed best practices including specific behaviors of boards around the country.

  • Module 1: Becoming a Goal-Driven District
  • Module 2: Fostering Shared Beliefs
  • Module 3: Governance-Led District Performance and Accountability
  • Module 4: Data-Savvy School Boards
  • Module 5: School Governance for Equitable and Inclusive Schools

This online course aims to offer continuous education on recognizing and reporting potential victims of sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other forms of child maltreatment, according to TEC, §11.159(c) (2).

Texas Education Code Update

This online course provides Texas school board members an opportunity to learn about significant state statutes and other important legal changes that affect school board governance. 

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