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System and School Improvement Coaching



System and School Improvement Coaching

At Blocker Education, we employ comprehensive, systemic, and sustainable change efforts by collaborating with system and school leaders to address the most persistent and adaptive challenges common to low-performing schools.

Through coaching, targeted staff development, and flexible capacity building, we personalize support around the school improvement plan to promote equitable student outcomes under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

Our Services

Need coaching support for system and school improvement?

Blocker Education is a cost-effective provider of high-quality educational support services to K-12 organizations.

Our Approach

System and School Improvement Coaching

Coaching can positively impact system and school improvement. Our coaches build upon the plan-do-study-act cycle with innovative coaching tools, research-based systemic practices, and processes that incorporate reflection and frequently analyzing meaningful data. Blocker Education will collaborate with districts to ensure schools identified for improvement are on a pathway towards effective implementation of the school improvement plan (SIP) through high-leverage, evidence-based practices.

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

We work with schools and districts to assess processes and structures that support departmental and program improvement.

School Improvement Planning

We analyze recruitment, retention, and promotion practices to help promote an inclusive environment for all.

Leadership Coaching and Training

We gather perceptual data through interviews, surveys, and focus groups to inform the collective views on safety, belonging, and an inclusive climate.

Progress Monitoring and Feedback

Achieving long-term success for schools and districts we support with personalized, targeted professional learning opportunities.

Year-Long School Improvement Coaching Cohorts™

School Improvement Coaching Cohorts™  represents our hybrid leadership development coaching model that integrates a process of learning-focused virtual interactions along with targeted in-person support directed primarily to the school principal and school leadership team.  Next, a secondary layer of support involves grade-level or content area teams of educators to implement evidence-based instructional practices that drive day-to-day improvement efforts. 

Program activities are personalized for each school and delivered through our easy-to-use coaching app.  School teams engage with our school improvement experts in capacity-building activities through various activities, including:

  • Setting goals for school improvement
  • Analyzing data for any gaps and patterns
  • Enhancing the ability to plan, reflect, and address technical or adaptive challenges
  • Evaluating teaching practices and offering feedback for improvement
  • Providing equal and inclusive learning experiences for all students

Improvement Areas

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