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District Equity Audit



The equity audit process is a way to assess the degree of alignment between schools and districts with their core programs, policies, or practices.

The results can develop recommendations that improve outcomes across all student subgroups.  Our equity audits aim to assist education leaders in identifying and resolving institutional inequities.

Our Services

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Equity Audit Overview

Equity audit results must be comprehensive and practical for school board members, central office administrators, school leaders, and educators to address changes immediately. 

We conduct equity audits to inform about racial equity and gaps in opportunity that district and school leaders can manage through the district strategic plan, school improvement plans, and day-to-day practices. 

Equity Audit Components

Core Operations and Student Performance

We work with schools and districts to assess processes and structures that support departmental and program improvement.

Workforce Diversity and Development

We analyze recruitment, retention, and promotion practices to help promote an inclusive environment for all.

District, School, and Classroom Climate

We gather perceptual data through interviews, surveys, and focus groups to inform the collective views on safety, belonging, and an inclusive climate.

Community Engagement

Achieving long-term success for schools and districts we support with personalized, targeted professional learning opportunities.

Gain Actionable Next Steps

Equity audit services include the development and administration of stakeholder surveys, interviews, and focus groups, as well as open-ended surveys related to existing programs, policies, and professional practices. Using mixed-methods research approaches, we analyze and synthesize findings into a comprehensive, actionable report embedded with recommendations to fit the local context. 

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