Empowering Data-Driven School Teams
for Student Success

Learn how to drive student success and foster shared accountability through data-driven school team meetings.


The “Empowering Data-Driven School Teams for Student Success” boot camp is designed to provide tools for school leaders to better drive student success through the implementation of data-driven school teams.

Register to participate in this professional learning opportunity to empower your school team with data-driven strategies for student success.

This boot camp offers a strategic and in-depth approach to conducting highly effective team meetings that drive significant improvements in teaching and foster a culture of shared accountability.

By seamlessly integrating data into grade/content-level team discussions, you can empower teachers to make informed choices, identify knowledge gaps, monitor progress, and align strategies with your school’s improvement objectives.

Key Takeaways

Upon completing this boot camp, participants will be able to:


Interactive & Engaging Sessions

Live Virtual Workshops

Certificate of Completion

Up to 30 Participants

This event has limited seats.


What You Will Learn

Upon completion of this boot camp, participants will be able to: 

About The Instructor

Tyrone Blocker, Ph.D.

Dr. Tyrone Blocker is the CEO of Blocker Education, a company he founded in 2015. He has over 20 years of experience in K-12 public education and provides staff development and training for school administrators and educators.

Benefits to Participants

Our boot camps encompass a variety of topics to drive school improvement activities.

Interactive Learning

Engage with participants through interactive learning experiences and activities

Workshop Materials

Participation guide with handouts and resources for immediate use

Content Experts

Learn from content experts who demonstrate proven instructional strategies

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